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MARRAKESH is a textured, pearlescent- effect coating used for interior surfaces to create an oriental finish. Using a combination of special effect additives, MARRAKESH transforms plain walls into magical and romantic areas.


VELVET is a soft, velvet-effect coating used for interior surfaces to add luxury and warmth to interior walls. Using a combination of special- effect additives, VELVET transforms plain walls into vibrant three-dimensional surfaces.

Stucco Antique

STUCCO ANTIQUE is an acrylic-based marble-effect coating suitable for use on most interior surfaces. STUCCO ANTIQUE can be applied to produce both traditional and modern effects by adjusting the application methods. The final effect is a highly polished finish. STUCCO ANTIQUE can be tinted using ORIENT tinting system.


KITTAN is an acrylic-based fabric-effect coating suitable for use on most interior surfaces and is designed to add a modern effect; the final effect is a textured, fabric-like finish. KITTAN can be tinted using ORIENT tinting system.

Style Primer 405

PRIMOL 401 is a high-solids rust-inhibitive alkyd primer with anti-corrosive properties. It is easy to apply by spray, is fast drying, and can be top-coated with alkyd and latex coatings.


PARKOSTAIN WOOD STAIN is a high-quality transparent stain characterized by weathering stable variation of colours. Manufactured from the best quality raw material. To be used in colouring wood surfaces and furniture, keeping the wood’s natural beauty intact.


WHITE COAT 320 is an economic emulsion paint for interior use that is suitable for most surfaces. WHITE COAT 320 is available in white and can be manually tinted using ORIENT UNIVERSAL colourants.


UNIVERSAL is a concentrated multi-purpose colourant that can be used to manually tint any type of paint or coating. It gives the advantage of tinting strength, and the flexibility to mix two or more colours to get different shades. UNIVERSAL is available in 14 attractive colours.